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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zentangle Challenge 27

Zentangle Challenge #27 is for tangles starting with R - K - I. For Diane and Carolien's Weekly Zentangle Challenge.
I used Ragz, Keeko, K-Ning and Ixorus.

I've been having fun organizing my tangles in alphabetical order, and then demonstrating how to create them on the
Back.  Then to shorten the demo, I use red for the first step, blue for the second step and black for the third step.2

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Zentangle Challenges 25 & 26

I did both of these Zentangles Sunday night for Diane & Carolien's Weekly Zentangle Challenge

This one is Challenge #25 L - D - G

This next one is Challenge #26 F - I - N
I used Flood Lights, and Nina 5 for two of them.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Zentangle Challenge #24 CD#

My Zentangle Challenge #24 is for tangles starting with C-D-#.  Yes, some tangles are named by a number.
I found all of these on Pinterest and absolutely love them. You may ask what this challenge for?  Well it's for Diane & Carolien's Weekly Zentangle Challenge
I used Chartz, which is the big zig zag pattern with circles, Ditto, (the inside boarder) and 133, which is the outer twiggy boarder.  Hope you like it.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Zentangle Challenge #23 SPC

My entry for Diane and Carolien's Weekly Challenge #23 is for tangles that start with the letters S P C
I used Speal, Surround Flowr, Pinball and Chillon.  I've been finding a lot of new ones on Pinterest, although I don't know if they are "official" or not, I don't much care.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Zentangle Challenge 22

Zentangle Challenge #22 are for the tangles that start with U - J - B for Diane & Carolien's Weekly Zentangle Challenge
The tangles I used were Unowen, Jeewels and Blooms.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Zentangle Challenges 20 & 21

Zentangle #20 is for tangles that start with K - A - T.  I should also mention that you can use other tangles besides these too. This is for Diane & Carolien's Zentangle challenge

I used Akoya (that's the one going around the boarder and I absolutely LOVE it!), Tripoli (very hard to get all the triangles the same and spaced correctly, which is why I have them colored in solid instead of a design like I started to.  Definately need more practice) I did read that it helps to think of them as circles with 6 triangles creating a circle and 3 triangles creates half a circle and that helped a lot!  Then there is Kecko (the weave one with lines.  Love it!), and finally Knightsbridge.  

Zentangle Challenge #21 is P - I - J and I used Pokeroot (the little mushroom or cherry looking things in the bottom left corner), Puf (which is the one I used most on this tile, very fun!), Intersect (the funny looking stars), and then Jax.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Zentangles 18 & 19

I do believe I am now caught up!  It's been fun, that's for sure!
Ok, this is for Diane &  Carolien's Weekly Zentangle Challenge
First we have Challenge #18, which are for tangles that start with B - E - Z.
Some of the tangles I used were Blooming Butter, Buggy Beads, Buddy, Efilys, Zenplosion & Zebra.  It takes me longer to decide which tangles I'm going to use than to actually do the artwork.  I am finding that one of the tricks is to take it slow, one stroke at a time.  
I really got into the Blooming Butter, which are all those flowers.  

Now Zentangle #19 is for tangles starting with N - V & B and I used Nexus (the 3 crazy stars, Bales (the Boarder), and Vermal.  I Kept it simple. 

 I hope you enjoyed seeing these Challenges, and remember, to see more entries go to Diane Clancy's Blog and check it out.  Here's a link to the beginning of the challenge where you can find very useful information there.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Zentangles 15, 16 & 17

I have 3 more Zentangles to share with you for Carolien & Diane's Weekly Zentangle Challenge

Challenge 14 is for tangles that start with the letters X - G - K, and I used XYP (yes there's one named that), Greating, Gingham and Kiwi.  Hope you like it.

Challenge 16 is for U - N - I
I used Umble, Nipa & zing, along with some others. I should call it X Marks The Spot.

Finally, Challenge 17 are for tangles that start with the letters S - P - V, and I used Sooflower, Squiggles, Poke Leaf, Printemps and Vortex.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my little tangles  and if you haven't already, give it a try.
Happy tangling!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Zentangles 12, 13 & 14

Zentangle challenge #12 is J-W-O for Carolien and Diane's Weekly Challenge
Some of the tangles I used were Japinica, Wabi, Ogen and Organza.

Challenge #13 is Y-W-A and some of the tangles I used were Yaff, Yang, Yinglinx, Hibred, and Ahh. 

Challenge #14 is L-Q-D and some of the tangles I used were Lilypads, Linden, Quib, Disunray and Drupe. 

I always practice new tangles on a piece of paper before I start the actual tile. (The 3.5 inch square paper that the tangles are commonly designed on are called tiles.)
Hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you find some time to tangle. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Zentangles 9, 10 & 11

Zentangle Challenge 9 is for Y - Z & A
I used tangles yinglinx, Yomaho, Zinger, Zuanshi, Acgt, Afterglo, and Aqua (and no, these are not misspellings)
To see more entries to Carolien and Diane's challenge for week 9 copy and paste this link

Zentangle Challenge 10 is for tangles that start with # - C & R (yes, there are some tangles that actually start with a number instead of a letter).  To see some on Carolien and Diane's Board go to this link
I used tangles 70's Cup, Coaster, Clydescope, Craffle & Rosewood.

Zentangle Challenge 11 is for F - M - T
And I used Flutterpie, Mirrky, Tuftid & Msst. To view more for this challenge copy and paste this link.