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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Zentangle Challenges 20 & 21

Zentangle #20 is for tangles that start with K - A - T.  I should also mention that you can use other tangles besides these too. This is for Diane & Carolien's Zentangle challenge

I used Akoya (that's the one going around the boarder and I absolutely LOVE it!), Tripoli (very hard to get all the triangles the same and spaced correctly, which is why I have them colored in solid instead of a design like I started to.  Definately need more practice) I did read that it helps to think of them as circles with 6 triangles creating a circle and 3 triangles creates half a circle and that helped a lot!  Then there is Kecko (the weave one with lines.  Love it!), and finally Knightsbridge.  

Zentangle Challenge #21 is P - I - J and I used Pokeroot (the little mushroom or cherry looking things in the bottom left corner), Puf (which is the one I used most on this tile, very fun!), Intersect (the funny looking stars), and then Jax.

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Diane Clancy said...

Brenda, these are both very lovely entries!! :) :) Thank you for joining in!!

~ Diane Clancy