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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Round Robin

This round robin was started by yours truly, and is the third out of eight aceo's finished that is being created by my Designing Artists Women's Group (dawg). They are then going to be put in a cool and unique book to be auctioned off on ebay, with the proceeds going to help Haitie.

I then mailed it to Myrna Migala, who added the stem with leaves and the beautiful butterfly.

Then it was on to Mary Fox, who added the purple flowers. A lovely touch indeed.

Lisa Parker finished this cute little aceo with the grass and blue sky.

To find more artwork by members of my DAWG team go to and put dawg_team in the search.

Featured Artist: LocalColorist

These Peace Crane Origami Permanent Ornaments are handmade by Nancy McNally,
a wonderful artist on Etsy. Her shop is

"The ancient art of origami is used to create permanent ornaments by glazing with a painted finish and jewel fixture. These beautiful ornaments are wonderful wedding table favors and are used as place card holders. You can attach them with a ribbon to any gift. Peace Cranes are suitable for any celebration from birth, graduation, wedding or memorial.

Permanent Ornament

"These gorgeous cranes can also be used for interior design accents. A beautiful vase with a branch or two hung with cranes make a unique touch for tranquil beauty all year long.

Peace Crane Origami Ornament Mobile Do It Yourself

Starry Starry Night Peace Crane Origami
Permanent Ornament

Peace Crane Origami Permanet Ornament

Permanent Ornament and Cake Toppers

Nancy is a native to San Francisco, and is the mother of 2 grown kids.
She started painting at the age of nine as a way to cope with her stormy childhood.
The mother of a classmate in 4th grade taught her class watercolor and chalk pastel. This lady was from France and was the kindest person Nancy had ever met. It was through these art lessons that Nancy began her love of art.
As a teenager, Nancy started creating theater sets, costumes, landscapes and interior design.
"Origami has her attention and love right now. She enjoys teaching children, teens and adults how to make peace cranes at public forums."
Nancy is a member of the following Etsy Street Teams:
Design Style Guide (DSG)
California Crafters of Etsy (CCCOE)
SF Etsy
Be sure to visit Nancy McNally's Etsy shop at
Nancy's Portfolio on Design Style Guide

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunshine Award

given by April Wood, Jan Brattain, Karen Eshelby, Bonny (Pinky) Wasley,
Joan Geller and Mary Fox of Fox On the Run Meanderings
Thank you so much ladies, for the Sunshine Award. I am honored.
Ok, here are six things about me that you may not know...
1. I love chocolate, but can't eat it because I get sick when I do. : (
2. My older sister nick named me ism, then she started saying that ism isn't ism anymore, and I use to cry.
3. I love 80's music.
4. I had the biggest crush on KC and the Sunshine Band when I was a kid- how lame!
5. We raised baby squirrels one summer when I was a kid because my cat caught one of them and hurt it's leg.
6. Most of my spine is fused because of scholiosis...I can't slump : )
-Here are the Sunshine Award Guidelines-
1. Please thank the person who gave the award to you.
2. Copy the award and place it in your blog.
3. Link back to the person who nominated you.
4. Name six things that no one would really know, about yourself.
5. Nominate your Sunshine Award Bloggers and post links to their blogs.
6. Leave a comment on each of those blogs letting them know you have nominated them for the Sunshine Award.