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Monday, April 28, 2008

Donkey Portrait

I couldn't resist painting this cute little donkey. I started by sketching him directly onto the canvas. He was too high on the canvas, and had to be moved down.
I traced my sketch onto a piece of paper that I could easily see through. My lines were pretty dark so that helped alot. Then of course, I had to erase my drawing on the canvas. Using transfer paper, I then placed him correctly on the canvas.
I applied an acrylic wash over the canvas. Unfortunately the transfer lines were too light, and difficult to see clearly in areas. (I had used a piece of transfer paper that I had already used several times. Time to throw that piece out.)
I went over the lines in pencil, then gave it another acrylic burnt sienna wash to seal these lines in. That's why, if you notice on the next two pics that the canvas is darker than it is here.
As my custom, I started right in on the face after the wash had dried.
I remember when I first started painting years ago, being so concerned with what I was suppose to paint first. It usually doesn't matter, start where you want, go all over the canvas if you want. This is just the way I like to paint. Also, I have a muscle weakness called Slow Channel Myasthernia Gravis, and it helps me to start in the center to I don't rest my hand on the wet paint like I would if I painted the surrounding areas first.
I painted the rest of the donkey, happy with how he is turning out so far. At times I turn the canvas upside down to get at an area better.

I put in the feeling of grass and sky in the background. I love doing these abstract like backgrounds. Although, this pic is quite a bit washed out.
I darkened areas, and put in more highlights on the donkey to make him pop. Signed my name, and I think he's done.
The name for this guy hasn't come as easily or quickly as the last two. Looking at the painting now, I think I will name it Donkey Portrait. Not too original, but it'll work. Plus it helps me to give it a name where later on I won't forget what painting goes with that title. I've done that on a few, and it's a bit frustrating not remembering right away the name of a painting.

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Donna Ridgway said...

Hi Brenda,
I love your donkey painting! He looks so cute, with those big ears. It's a neat perspective...