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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Dog

My dog has been doing this every day since the tree went up (it's an artificial tree by the way).
So last night I snapped a picture of him. Now doesn't he look like he wants to be a Christmas dog?


Marlene said...

Brenda, how funny. He is adorable and looks like a small child would gazing up at that tree.

lisa's blog said...

Brenda, Muffin has done this since we put our tree up too, we thought that was the funniest thing, I will have to try and capture a photo of it too!! Maybe it is the sparkle of the lights, LOL :) Thanks for sharing

Kathleen said...

That is too cute! Maybe when I get lights on my tree one of the dogs will be interested =p Or, maybe with my two little pooches, no interest might be better! lol!

readingsully2 said...

Yes, he looks a bit like a reindeer. :)