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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chilly Little Penguin Original Oil Painting

I thought I'd show you my newest finished painting.  I call it Chilly Little Penguin. 
Chilly Little Penguin
5x7 oil available at my Etsy shop
This is an African Penguin, also known as a (Blackfooted or Jackass penguin), I know, weird, right?  
There are 17 - 20 different kinds of penguins, apparently there's a debate on exactly how many.  Penguins are non flying, aquatic birds and spend half of their life in the ocean.  They use their 'wings' as flippers and usually live on uninhabited islands where there are no predators, at least that's what one site said.  Penguins feed on krill, squid, fish and other forms of sealife that they catch while they are swimming. Yum!
I just think they're cute.  

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

oh so cute,, great job!

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