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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lion's Gaze

Here's my first painting using Pan Pastels.  I love this medium. 
I call this Lion's Gaze, thanks to Patricia Otten and Donna Ridgeway.  I liked their ideas and combined them.

Here I had just sketched it out using the gray pan pastel. 
I started adding color.
I added more color, and this is when I noticed that his eyes were too far apart.  Should have paid better attention during the sketch.
Wonderful thing about pan pastels is that they are very forgiving.  You can erase mistakes.
I used a light blue colored pencil for part of his eye, but it really washed it out in the photo.  So I went back over it with black pan pastels.
Here it is again.  The finished painting.
Lion's Gaze 9x9 inches on watercolor paper
Reference photo by Dr. Thomas Trainer.


Crystal said...

So regal! Beautiful!

Carol DeMumbrum said...

Beautiful, Brenda! I love the looseness and colors.