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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bouquet From the Heart

Friday I went downstairs and brought my acrylics upstairs. Found that I am out of Titanium white in my usual brand.
This little design I had done last year in colored pencil while doodleing. I always liked it, but it wasn't quite right and I never took it anywhere. So, last night I used my acrylics, and here it is, turned into an aceo. It's strange to use acrylics again, but I like how it dries right away.

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Diana said...

Hi Brenda! I also doodle a lot while on the phone. I have come up with ssosme awesome "mindless" drawings. I am keeping these for aceos.

My doodles are not as artsy as yours. I doodle my emotions and recall who and what the conversations are about, afterwards. I'll name them as such. I could not make a perfect heart and yours is quilte lovely.

Thanks for shsaring, Diana