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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My First Two Knitted Scarves

I finally learned how to knit.
This is the very first completed knitted work I have ever done. I had to rip it apart and start over 3 or 4 times, but I finally got it. Oh, and now I know how to back up without starting over, very useful to know. The only thing is that on the binding (the finishing row), I pulled the yarn too tight so it curves a bit. I may go back and fix that, or I might undo the whole thing and use the yarn for some other project. It is a beautiful red (looks orangy on my screen), and is very soft.

This is the pink scarf that I knitted last week. The picture of the complete scarf turned out crappy, but then my batteries died and I couldn't find new ones.
Now I just need to buy more knitting needles (I only have one pair), and try to figure out how to do something a bit more complicated like mittens. I know, mittens are supposedly very easy to make, but when you just learned how to knit, and have only made two scarves, mittens are complicated. : ) lol
Yikes, I have to go get ready for work.
Have a fantastic day, and stay safe. If you live in Minnesota, or anywhere that it is as cold as it is here today, stay warm.

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Sadia Hussain said...

Great job! I can't knit and admire you for your talent. The scarf does look soft and warm.Take care.