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Sunday, September 27, 2009


This piece I am calling Heart's Cry. My first real attempt at abstract. I just needed to get something out, something unplanned that just flowed from within. So I put my Hoku cd in and this is what I ended up with. Sometimes, even if we seem to have it together, if we don't take the time to communicate with God, the one who will always love us, you can come to a loss, a tearing of the Heart's Cry.

This is 12x16 oil on stretched canvas with the sides painted as a continuation of the painting, so no frame needed.

I thought it was about time I showed you what I've done in my studio. That floor lamp was my parents, probably back in the 50's. I removed the ugly shade and this works great for lighting up my studio. I still haven't moved alot of my stuff in here yet, I want to keep it clean...atleast for a little while. Most of the drawyers are still empty, but I know that will soon change.
This is another treasure, my painting table. I grew up with this table, and I just love it. It has alot of meaning to me, and yes, it is blue.

Here's my easle. I am really enjoying it. It is a true blessing.

Beneath the table is an old black metal book rack that I grew up with until it was replaced with something newer, and this baby was banished to the basement. It now has a use again.
In the drawyers is now where I keep my oil paints. Very handy.

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readingsully2 said...

Brenda, I love looking at people's studios. I will have to get some pix of mine. Mine serves double duty....laundry room and art room. LOL