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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Follow Your Heart

I did another abstract yesturday, an 8x10. This one I am calling Follow Your Heart. As I was working on it I noticed a heart shape in there, so I defined it a bit more. I used my palette knife for the first time, and really had fun with it. I'm using some colors that I don't often use, such as the yellow, orange and red.
You wouldn't believe how many times I've wanted to paint so bad, but since I didn't have anything planned, or an idea I could not. Now it's so great knowing I can do an abstract during those 'must paint' feelings. I love getting the paint on the canvas and cover all that white!

I also worked on Hearts Cry a bit more and defined the heart and tear drops more, and changed other areas that I didn't like.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my first two abstracts as much as I enjoyed painting them. Looks like I'll have to add a new category on my website for them. They will soon be posted at my etsy shop and website.
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readingsully2 said...

Wow, I like these new abstracts of yours. :)

Our Treasure Hunt begins on Monday. I hope you will be able to participate. Check out my blog for information. Thanks.