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Friday, October 9, 2009


My Rhino painting is being featured in a blog post by Betsy Seeton about the illegal poaching of black rhinos. Did you know that their numbers went down from 65,000 in 1973 to a mere 2,300 in 1993? I'm not sure what their numbers are today. I still have alot to learn.

Betsy Seeton is a Private Investigator/Writer/Activist/Artist, and has a website about Ending Animal and Human Trafficing,

On a lighter side, if you like chipmunks and ground squirrels, you have to take a look at this.
Her photos and blog of the little critters are adorable and really made my heart feel light.

This is a direct quote from Betsy's blog. "It's hard to even express how something so small is so delightful. People see birds everyday. Why or how could that be special? But it was. It is. It's okay that others might not get it. Experiencing it is enough. Just thought I'd try and share -- maybe plant a seed. Maybe remind you to go a little slower sometimes. Maybe then you'll begin to notice the smaller , simpler, joyful things in your own life and it'll add some good stuff the way it does to mine."
This is quoted from the last paragraph on this page of her site.
This is also one of the reasons that I paint.
I wish more people could take her advice and do this. I do not know what or how Betsy believes, but if you add to this, Faith in Jesus Christ and a personal relationship with him, life is worth living.


readingsully2 said...

Oh, Brenda....your work is just incredible.

brendathour said...

Thank you so much.

Patricia said...

Absolutely marvelous!

readingsully2 said...

Brenda, you are the winner of my monthly drawing at my blog. Please go there for details. Congrats.