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Friday, February 19, 2010

Joann Wheeler

I want to feature an artist from my Dawg group (designing artists women group). Her name is Joann Wheeler and she does alot of beautiful Porcelain painting, which totally intriques me.

Here's the interview with her,

1.) Tell us about yourself.
My name is Joann Wheeler from Pasadena, Maryland. I love to paint and have been doing so since I was a child. I have taken classes from time to time at art shops, etc. but basically I'm pretty much self trained. I would describe myself as a porcelain and miniature artist.

2)What are your preferred mediums and art scale (miniature, large art, etc)
My first love is porcelain art (china painting), however I also love to paint watercolors, pastel & colored pencil. I prefer miniature art (ACEO's). Since I am prolific painter keeping it small doesn't cause me storage issues!

3)What are your inspirations?
I am inspired by God and nature. I love to paint flowers particularly and religious art.

4) Describe your art style.

My daughter describes it as realistic but I don't think my paintings are realism. I personally don't think I have a particular style as some painters do. It depends on the mood I'm in as to how I paint.

5)Do you do anything other than painting?

I like to take recycled old jewelry and restructure it into one of a kind pieces. I wish I had more time for it because you can come up with some pretty interesting things. Periodically I will do some decorative painting on wood or glass.

6) Do you blog, and what is your link?

I do blog. You can find my blog at
You can also find me on facebook

7) Where do you sell online?

And sometimes I'm on Ebay
8) Are you opened to commission work?


9) What was your favorite piece of work?

I have so many pieces of work that I absolutely love. I couldn't choose just one.

10) Do you sell in a brick & mortar shop? If so, where?

No, just online and occasionally an art/craft show in the area.

I hope you enjoyed our interview with Joann Wheeler. Be sure to check out her shops and links

I picked a few of my favorites of Joann's to show you. This cutting board is my absolute favorite, one side has this beautiful painting, and the other is left unfinished so you can actually use it as a cutting board.


web said...

Would or could you paint on wood cutting boards?

Marlene said...

Loved reading about Joann, her work is beautiful.

Joann said...

thank you for the feature.....