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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Featured Artist - Karen Casey-Smith

Today I am featuring Karen Casey-Smith. Karen works in fine art photography, mandalas and digital art. She is a member of the World Wide Women Artists Online group (WWAO), and participated in the May Showcase that I am hosting on my website, yes, even though it's now June, the Showcase is still up and running.

Donsejo de las Rosas

Purple Pansie

From Karen's Bio:

Home has been the Chicago-land area with my DH since 1981. We have two cats that make me laugh every single day. My love of all things creative comes to me as a gift from my mother and her mother and on and on. Most of my art training has come from books and "doing". Favorite mediums are drawing, watercolor, pencils (plain and color), calligraphy, ink, photography and PhotoShop."

Not Fat Just Fluffy

"My work has primarily been in the mandala form since around 1995, first in colored pencils and now with flower photographs. Mandalas combine my two great interests, that of creating art and healing. Mandalas are used as a healing and transforming art in cultures around the world. It is always an amazing experience, and a delightful surprise to see the patterns that emerge while making the flower mandalas. Some of my photographs are of flowers growing in our yard, while others are from one of my many trips to the Chicago Botanic Garden. What a wonderful place!"


A Dream Within A Dream
"For many years now, I've been involved in energy healing and balancing. I play Tai Chi, and use Reiki, Qigong, Chios, Seichim, Donna Eden's Energy Medacine plus other energy healing systems learned along the way. All of these things influence and infuse my work. Each mandala has its own vibrational frequency. They bring healing energy where they are displayed and to whoever wears or views them. I find that they draw me in and still my mind. It's a lovely place to be. I hope you enjoy them."

Adagio Afternoon

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I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Karen Casey-Smith and viewing her beautiful and vibrant work.
Have a wonderful day,


Lynda Lehmann said...

Beautiful work. My favorite is "A Dream Within a Dream." Lovely....

Brenda, thanks for hosting!

Karen Casey-Smith said...

Brenda, thank you so much for the lovely feature, and for hosting the amazing WWAO Showcase for May. I've been enjoying the features and all the gorgeous work!

artbylmr said...

I love the reflections in the Swan piece! Mandalas have always fascinated me. Thanks for letting us know Karen better.

Diana said...

Brenda, you have been such a wonderful Hostess and I know that I have said it is worth repeating.

I really enjoyed reading about another WWAO artist. I love the flowers and the swan. Just beautiful.


Tinnku said...

Cool and colorful design. Very artistic. I like the watercolor designs very much. This is also very amazing.