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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bunny Go Oops aceo

Here's a little aceo that I did the other day.  It is ink on watercolor paper.  Yes, that's right, oops means exactly what you think it does.  Bunny Go Oops is listed in my etsy shop and as you can see, I had fun creating some zazzle products.  Sorry if I have a weird sense of humor, but I just could not resist adding those little droppings behind him.  I really did try resisting, but to no avail.  It had to be.  : )
Bunny Go Oops aceo Mug mug
Bunny Go Oops aceo Mug by bmthour
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Bunny Go Oops aceo IPhone Case speckcase
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This is my daughter's bunny, and he does leave those little things behind him. Good thing my daughter is good at cleaning up after Him.
Have a fabulous day!
hugs, Brenda


Purple Pony Art said...

I love it :-) When we moved into our home, I had never seen rabbit poop before. We have wild rabbits and I just couldn't figure out what the heck all this stuff was all over the lawn :-D

Itaya Art said...

LOL! This is so cute! Bet you'll sell a ton of these on Zazzle. :) Have you seen the movie that is coming out (I forget the name) and the bunny on there poops jelly beans?! LOLOL This reminded me of that. You could do one and make each one a different color! OK...I'll hush now. This just gave me such a chuckle. Thank you for that! :)

brendathour said...

Thank you Christine, that is so funny. My dad call's them bunny ball cookies, cause the dog likes to eat them.
Thank you Itaya. Yes, I have seen that and it did remind me of this piece. It was so funny because the commercial for the movie came out right after I created it. That is a very cute idea, I just may do that. hehe