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Monday, April 11, 2011

Featuring fireflyglassdesign on Etsy

I would like to share with you a seller I found on etsy today whose pendants I am drooling over.  Her name is Judy, she's from Arizona and her shop's name is fireflyglassdesign.  Pretty cool shop name. 

Judy owned a marriage and family counseling practice for 15 years when she discovered glass.  Glass has become her passion and she's been designing fused glass jewelry for about 7 years now.  

This is from her profile about how she creates her gorgeous pendants, " To create my jewelry, I cut glass into small pieces, often layer as many as 20-25 pieces on a background glass, fire it to 1500 degrees, cool it very slowly, smooth and shape it using a grinder and often fuse it at least one more time.
It is a lengthy process, but the result is dazzling. Dichroic Glass has a transmitted color and a reflected color which gives it a magical quality. Because of this it is difficult to photograph, but I try to get the most representative photos that I can"

I think it sounds fascinating and it would be so much fun to watch her create these magnificent pieces.  
Oh, if my daughter happens to read this, Mother's Day is coming darling.  What a fabulous gift it would make for Mother's Day.  Maybe you should think about it too.

I am so glad I could share Judy's work with you, and hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.  Have a wonderful day!
hugs,  Brenda

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Purple Pony Art said...

Thanks for featuring this artist Brenda. I love the lilies! Glass is so beautiful to behold - I wish I could see these in person.