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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hand Felted Soap and Bling

I  won a couple of bids on two very cool items for the Treatboxes for the Troops Auction, and they arrived Saturday.  They are both created by artbylisak on etsy.  First, is the keychain bling that I thought was really pretty and it's even prettier in person. I have it on my purse and I love it!
I also bought this heavenly Lilac scented hand felted soap.  It came in this cute little package, and the wool it is felted in has anti-fungal properties so no worries there.  Then when I opened the package, oh my, it was like standing in the middle of a bunch of lilac bushes and I love that smell!  I've used the soap a few times now and I love it and I feel quite pampered when using  it.  It took a little bit more time to get it to lather up for the first time, but that does make sense since it is encased in the felt.  It fits in my hand perfectly and you use it like a wash rag.  It smells wonderful and it's not slippery and doesn't slip out of your hand like regular bars of soap do.  So this spring I get to enjoy the scent of lilacs for longer than the usual two weeks. 

So I highly recommend you stoping by artbylisak's etsy shop and check lisa's handmade soaps out yourself.  They come in all kinds of wonderful scents, some are felted, and some aren't.  Here's a few more that Lisa has in her shop.  They are so pretty!

Herbal Vanilla Body Soap Soothing Skin Shea Butter Goatsmilk

Campers Hikers and Backpackers Plain Or Bug Repellent Handmade Soap Felted

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs,  Brenda



Lisa said...

Thanks sweets, I am so glad you like what you got, and yes with the felted soap, it does take a bit more to lather up but with use, it gets better and better!!! and I too LOVE the LILACS!!!

I can make just about any scent you want!
I appreciate your kind words, hope everyone will stop over by my shop and also we are having a give away on the Treatboxes For Troops Facebook page, English Garden Tea Soap, when we hit 350 fans! Come there too :) Have a blessed day! **HUGS** Lisa

Purple Pony Art said...

I have never heard of felted soap before! You always find the neatest stuff Brenda :-)