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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Featuring Briana Blair

This weeks featured artist on Zazzle Gallery Directory is Briana Blair.  Briana, also known as brianadragon  has two zazzle shops, one is MandalaMagic and the other is Blair Peacock Creations Blair Peacock Creations is full of goth, geek, gamer, Pagan and humorous art by Briana Blair and Eric Peacock.  So sit back and enjoy.

Bows and Butterflies shirt
Bows and Butterflies by mandalamagic
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I love this mandala design shown above.

This is just too funny because it looks a lot like our rabbit, except he IS fluffy!  : )
Very cool and gorgeous design!

Cute Cockatiel on Ivy Perch mug
Cute Cockatiel on Ivy Perch by brianadragon
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Cute is an understatement.
Briana's FaceBook Fan Page
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Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into Briana Blair's shops.  Hop on over and take a look for yourself, you just may find something you can't live without. 
Have a wonderful day,

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