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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Zentangles 9, 10 & 11

Zentangle Challenge 9 is for Y - Z & A
I used tangles yinglinx, Yomaho, Zinger, Zuanshi, Acgt, Afterglo, and Aqua (and no, these are not misspellings)
To see more entries to Carolien and Diane's challenge for week 9 copy and paste this link

Zentangle Challenge 10 is for tangles that start with # - C & R (yes, there are some tangles that actually start with a number instead of a letter).  To see some on Carolien and Diane's Board go to this link
I used tangles 70's Cup, Coaster, Clydescope, Craffle & Rosewood.

Zentangle Challenge 11 is for F - M - T
And I used Flutterpie, Mirrky, Tuftid & Msst. To view more for this challenge copy and paste this link.

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Diane Clancy said...

Brenda - these are all lovely!! I am so pleased to see the way each one is so different!! It is a please to be looking at so many of just yours in a row!! :) :) I love your Cruffle - it is incredible!! Each one is such a lovely scene!! Thank you for joining in!!

~ Diane Clancy