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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Zentangles 18 & 19

I do believe I am now caught up!  It's been fun, that's for sure!
Ok, this is for Diane &  Carolien's Weekly Zentangle Challenge
First we have Challenge #18, which are for tangles that start with B - E - Z.
Some of the tangles I used were Blooming Butter, Buggy Beads, Buddy, Efilys, Zenplosion & Zebra.  It takes me longer to decide which tangles I'm going to use than to actually do the artwork.  I am finding that one of the tricks is to take it slow, one stroke at a time.  
I really got into the Blooming Butter, which are all those flowers.  

Now Zentangle #19 is for tangles starting with N - V & B and I used Nexus (the 3 crazy stars, Bales (the Boarder), and Vermal.  I Kept it simple. 

 I hope you enjoyed seeing these Challenges, and remember, to see more entries go to Diane Clancy's Blog and check it out.  Here's a link to the beginning of the challenge where you can find very useful information there.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Anne's tangle blog said...

Both are beautiful, Brenda! Hope to see more of your work here the coming weeks.

LonettA said...

Very pretty both! Lovely choice of tangles!

Diane Clancy said...

Brenda, these are wonderful!! It is so very cool you are all caught up - congrats!!! I love B-E-Z ... those Blooming are great!! Lovely and organic. And your N-B-V is cool!! Thank you for joining in!!

~ Diane Clancy