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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Broke out the Watercolors

Boy, it's been about 1 1/2 - 2 years since I last used my watercolors. I've done some in the past, some I even really liked, but was never real comfortable or proficient with this medium.
Yesturday I got out my reference photos, found pictures of an Indigo Bunting and apple blossoms. I've been wanting to paint with wc for a while now, and have been inspired by other artists' work, especially bird paintings.
So, here's my first try. I like the flowers, but the bird rather sucks.

Then I decided to try one that I had a detailed reference of, and did just the bird. It's an indigo bunting...he kinda looks hairy and am not thrilled to say the least. But better than the first.
Last night I brought up and searched for watercolor painting demonstrations and watercolor painting lessons. I found a bunch and marked quite a few as favs. I think that really helped.
So this morning I couldn't wait until I could paint, and I did this one.
This one is of a bluebird (reference photo by Pat Otten) and I liked how he turned out. So I added the fence post, the background, the grass and hint of flowers. This one I really like.
I'm thinking I will call it Bluebird Song

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