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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time to Create

It's funny, but it seems like I spend all my time on the computer and very little time painting. So my goal is, when it's time to create, I will just walk away from what I am doing and paint.

I've been wanting to do a bird aceo for a quest for my DAWG group (Designing Artists Women Group). So Finally, I went downstiars to look through my reference photos, got out the watercolor pencils and colored pencils and this is what I came up with.

I call it Blue Parakeet aceo.

When I was little we had a green parakeet like this, his name was Chippers, and I swear he taught me to whistle. I was probably about 5 and was trying to learn to whistle. So I sat infront of Chippers cage, he whistled all the time, and I practiced and tried until I finally did whistle. So my parakeet taught me to whistle, and no one will convince me otherwise.

He also was a little escape artist. I remember coming home from church and finding him flying around the house. We had to put a twist tie on his cage door so he couldn't do that anymore. He loved my mom. We had a huge mirror hanging over the stiars, and he liked to sit on that. He also loved cheetos, ya, I know it probably wasn't good for him, but this was in the early 70's, who knew?

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Jai Johnson said...

Oh this looks just like my first parakeet, Nikki! I have parakeet #6 now...a green one named Abby. I love them...have kept a parakeet in my house ever since I was 13. :)