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Friday, January 14, 2011

Wandering Whistling Duck aceo

This is one of my new creations. For my DAWG team we are doing a duck challenge. So I was looking through my pics that I took at the zoo this past summer (because I went to zoo 4 times) and I came across this little sweetie. Now I had painted this kind of kind of duck once before and I had no idea what kind of duck it was and could not find it in my book. This time I was wise and took pics of the signs they have at the zoo that tells you the different ducks they have there.
Wandering Whistling Duck aceo is listed in my etsy shop along with my other paintings.

Now for something kinda crazy.
It is January, and my hibiscus that I bring in the house each fall has lost most of it's leaves, as you can see. Although it does have a bunch left at the very top of the plant. I took these pics today, and the thing is blooming! Yes, it is blooming in January. I haven't given it anything but water and this is the third flower that has bloomed since last weekend.
See the bud in the pic below? Ya, that's another flower bud, which will be the 4th flower.
Yesterday two flowers were blooming side by side...I should have taken a picture.

So even though we have lots of snow and it is infact snowing right now in Minnesota, I have a promise of spring blooming in my family room. So do not fret, because time goes fast and spring will be here before we know it.

Hope you are all staying warm, for those of you who live where it's been snowing. For those of you who live in a warmer climate, well just know that I am so jealous! : )

Have a wonderful weekend,



Joann said...

Love your cool about the hibiscus!

angelself said...

Your duck oil painting is gorgeous =) How wonderful that your hibiscus is blooming for you!