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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Would you like to learn to paint like this?

I am so excited! I promised I would tell you more about the free interactive live online art classes by award winning professional artist, Johannes Vloothius (pronounced Float-boat). Well, Johannes is now officially sponsored and endorsed by F&W Media, the publishing company that brings us The Artist Magazine for one. Because of this, Johannes is able to continue to give free online classes.

The classes will be starting Saturday, January 29th - April 17th. It will be a 12 week, 24 day workshop on both Saturdays and Sundays from 3-5 pm EST. This first session will be How to use Photos to Create Stunning Landscape Paintings.

Johannes knows what he's talking about, and loves to share the golden nuggets of art, the things that other teachers keep to themselves. I have taken classes from him, when they were not free, for three years, and was honored a few years back to meet him in person and had a one-on-one workshop with him all day. That was an exhausting and exciting day : ) I can say from personal experience that he is the real deal, and not only shares freely everything he knows, which is a lot, but does it with passion. He LOVES painting and loves to see students learn and grow. I have never met a more giving person than him.

To learn more about this go to the Johannes Vloothius Student Lounge at wetcanvas, Click here for the direct link. This is the link to the page where you can find the post for registering for classes, the link is in big bold letters, and is the 7th post down.

If you would like to see more of Johannes Vloothius paintings go Here

I am so psyched about these online classes and can't wait until Saturday.

Oh, and before I forget, Johannes is giving a live Pastel demonstration this Friday starting at 2pm EST. Check the WetCanvas forum for the link for that demonstration. I also strongly recommend, that if you are interested at all in his teaching, to sign up at wetcanvas and follow the thread. You will get lots of information just from the forum itself. Robert, another fellow student takes excellent notes and then posts them on the thread to share with us all.

Hope to see you there,



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