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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Featured Artist - Cheryl McDonald

Mystic Valley

Today I want to share with you the work of Cheryl McDonald. She is a watercolorist, illustrator, photographer, graphic and web designer. Cheryl is also a member of WWAO (World Wide Women Artists Online), and is participating in the May WWAO Showcase.

Rainbow over Yosemite Falls

From Cheryl McDonald's Bio:
I have been an artist, illustrator, and designer for over 30 years. And what I know today is that there is always something new for me to learn, explore, and experience. My view about life is that we make our own destiny, we write our own story and my story changes every day because I am open to the possibilities. I take nothing for granted and have appreciation for all. The name of my company is Passions at Play for this reason- I am passionate about life and art is my way of playing through life...

Misty Falls

A View of San Francisco

Cheryl McDonald has created a series of cards and prints for Cards With a View, called A View of San Francisco and they are on sale at the California Welcome Center in PIER 39 in San Francisco.

Sunset at the Cliff House

Crystal Blossoms

Cheryl McDonald's Website
Her Blog
To purchase prints and cards go to CARDSWITHAVIEW.NET


artbylmr said...

Love the Cards with a view! Ingenious!

Denise M. DesLauriers said...

I agree with your philosophy, Cheryl. A great way to live life as an artist and a person!

Karen Casey-Smith said...

Cheryl has such a fine eye, and beautiful work! I love her view on life. What a positive outlook! It shows in her work.