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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Round Robin Started by Mary

This is the second out of eight aceo's finished that is being created by my Designing Artists Women's Group (dawg). They are then going to be put in a cool and unique book to be auctioned off on ebay, with the proceeds going to help Haitie.

Ok, this one was started by Mary Fox.

Lisa Parker added the cute flowers and butterflies.

I then added the Cedar Waxwing.

Myrna Migala added the final touches of the music notes.
I love how it all turned out.

To find more artwork by members of my DAWG team go to and put dawg_team in the search.


Marlene said...

Great post Brenda - this is certainly a fun project and I am so glad we decided to do it.

brendathour said...

Me too Marlene. I am waiting on my last card, started by Myrna and then that's it...until the next round. : )