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Monday, May 17, 2010

Featured Artist - Diane Clancy

I am featuring another artist, Diane Clancy, who is participating in the World Wide Women Artists Online (WWAO) May Showcase that I am hosting on my site be sure to check it out.

From Diane's Bio:
"Diane Clancy, creates vibrant paintings that feature color and vision to inspire and uplift people. Says Diane, "I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to express myself through painting. I love that people say my artwork enhances their lives." Diane's use of color is her unifying theme across a wide variety of contemporary styles and mediums.

Conundrum I

Diane, a Greensfield, MA artist, creates radiantly colorful paintings in digital and traditional mediums. She creates goddess images, paintings bordering between abstract and realism, and magical fun images.

Ocean Dreams

Collectors have called her work poetic, whimsical, celestial, peaceful, serene, healing, fun, new age and thought provoking. Diane's work ranges from goddess and visionary images to creative and unusual figures and landscapes. She has a line of imaginative fanciful animal images. Diane has a stunning series of bubblescapes that will amaze you. Diane's contemporary art is available as giclee reproductions, selected originals, and for licensing.

Peach Fantasy

Diane Clancy's Art also collaborates with Susan Elkin Photography doing graphic design. They specialize in working closely with their clients to create marketing materials that showcase each client's uniqueness. Together, Diane's graphic design experience and Susan's photography enhances the outcome of the projects."

Mother Watching All

From Diane's Artist Statement:
"I paint because I feel inspired when I look at my paintings. Your response touches my soul and encourages me to create.
My paintings feature vibrant color, and vision. These works are vivid and express transformation by looking at things in new ways.
I want to uplift and support you in following your deepest purpose. Paintings keep me connected to the sense of the mystery of life."

Radiant Understory

Be sure to check out:

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artbylmr said...

Great piece, Brenda, about a great artist. Diane is so talented and always williing to share her VAST:)knowledge. Her use of color is inspired!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Wonderful feature, Brenda!! Diane's work is so peaceful to view!

dianeclancy said...

Thank you so much, Brenda!!

I am amazed and delighted!! Thank you for your kind words ... and thank you also to Lynne and Jean!!

I will post about this tomorrow (Fri at the latest) ...

Thank you again!! So so cool!!!

~ Diane Clancy*

Diana said...

Brenda, you are a fantastic Hostess. Diane is one of my favorite Artists. I just love her colorful and uplifting art style. Her art make you happy, joyful, serene and just about every other inspiring emotion that you can think of. When I see her art, I know it's hers, even if there is no name to it. Her art makes a statement..."Diane Clancy Art"..

Diana Bracy

dianeclancy said...

Thank you again, Brenda!!

Here is a link to the post I wrote about your kind featuring of me.

Thank you again!!

~ Diane Clancy

brendathour said...

You are so welcome Diane. I very much enjoyed featuring you. I retweeted your blog post.

Denise M. DesLauriers said...

I love your bubblescapes Diane!

Karen Casey-Smith said...

Diane is such a talented and kind person. Her artist's statement is beautiful, and her work beautiful and uplifting.

Misty Dawn said...

Diane is not only a wonderful artist, but she is also a great person!