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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Round Robin Started by Lisa

One of the art groups I belong to, Designing Artists Womens Group DAWG decided to do a round robin. This is a collaboration of artists creating unique, one of a kind artwork together. One person starts an aceo, then mails it to the next person to work on, who mails it to the third person to work on, who then mails it to the last person to finish it. We had 8 people sign up, so we created 2 groups of 4 people. So this is the first of 8 aceo's. Created by group 1.

Lisa Parker started this aceo.

Then it was sent to me. What to do? Add a palm tree of course. I had to leave room for two other artists to work on this.

Myrna Migala added the beautiful rainbow.

It was then sent to Mary Fox, who put the final touches of waves and sunshine, which I think is the perfect touch. Now isn't she beautiful?

This is mixed media, and we are planning on auctioning them off on ebay, with the proceeds being donated to Haitie. Like I mentioned, there will be 8 aceo's in all, and they will be put together in a very cool and unique book.
Stay tuned for more.

Group 1 consists of:

Lisa Parker- etsy shop, Art by Lisa Greeting Card Shop

Myrna Migala- etsy shop,

Mary Fox- website, blog

Me, Brenda Thour

Have a fabulous day : )

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