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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Featured Artist Jennifer Lynn Pratt

Jennifer Lynn Pratt is the next artist I am featuring. She is one of my sister artists from my WWAO World Wide Women Artists Online Group, who is in the WWAO May showcase that I am hosting on my website.

From her Bio:

"I'm an artist from Springfield, MO. My first love when it comes to artwork is sculpture. I also do drawings (pencil, charcoal, some mixed media), digital art, and photography. Horse and wildlife sculptures are my main emphasis; occasionally I do some figurative artworks.

I create my sculptures from clay because of the exceptional attributes of this medium. Clay is an inviting, earthy material; it’s also quite durable. It’s perfectly suited to figurative sculptures because of the wide range of emotion and movement that can be captured. A finished clay sculpture is unique from other sculptures - when you touch the surface, your hand follows a path that was not created by a tool, or by machine, or transferred from another medium; it’s the exact paths and grooves that the artist’s hands created.

Along with my finished artworks website (, I also have a site devoted to clay sculpture and horse art demos, Here you can find information for building sculptures out of clay, relative measurements for the horse, etc.

I've also started a website with articles & tips for creating an art website, including layout, taking good images, building a light box to take better images, etc. Equus Studio now also provides cheap web hosting and web design. Check out for more info.

Of course, sculpting & drawing; gardening and growing tropicals (especially orchids - some of my photography comes from my own orchid collection); running; playing the piano."
I hope you enjoyed learning about this incredible artist, Jennifer Pratt, as much as I enjoyed sharing with you.
Have a wonderful and Blessed day,


Purple Pony Art said...

It's wonderful to see an artist try so many mediums. That was a great profile Brenda.

amy said...

Jennifer really captures the life and movement in her drawings and sculptures! Thank you for showcasing this artist.

dolls like us said...

My sister loved horses she studied them and drew them herself . At one time she owned 100 ceramic horses it was a beautiful collection.

Diana said...

Brenda, thanks for showcasing Jennifer's dynamic art to share with us. I love the horses. Your beautiful and powerful creations of these lovely animals are just amazing.

Jen said...

Thank you Brenda for the showcase, and everyone else for the wonderful comments!

brendathour said...

You're very welcome Jen.

jo said...

great article here, thx for sharing"

Denise M. DesLauriers said...

Jennifer, your work is very expressive!